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What AI Won't Tell You: 
making the leap from social listening to social intelligence

Today, components of AI augment social listening platforms are far from entirely replacing humans.

In this webinar, we'll discuss the importance of combining AI with human expertise to turn social listening data into actionable insights, and real-life examples from global brands.

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Jessica Liu, Senior Analyst @Forrester Research
Guillaume Decugis, CEO@Linkfluence

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2019/06/27 17:00 GMT

Join guest speaker Jessica Liu from Forrester Research to unpack AI's role in social listening:

How does AI manifest in social listening platforms?

What role do humans play in social intelligence practices?

How to deliver actionable consumer insights?

About the speakers

Jessica Liu
Senior Analyst, Forrester Research

Jessie serves B2C Marketing Professionals with a focus on social marketing. Her research covers the types of strategies and technologies marketers can use to win, serve, and retain customers in a rapidly changing social media landscape. 

Prior to joining Forrester, Jessie spent 10 years on the marketing agency side, working closely with leading B2C and B2B brands to define and execute their digital go-to-market, acquisition, and retention strategies. She led and managed agency teams specializing in branded content, social media, native advertising, influencer marketing, sponsorship and events, and offline-to-online customer journeys. Her industry experience spans Fortune 100 brands in financial services, technology, telecom, and retail.

Jessie holds an MBA from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a B.A. from The University of California, Berkeley in political science.

Guillaume Decugis
CEO, Linkfluence

Guillaume has been a serial entrepreneur for the past 15+ years. He's currently the CEO of Linkfluence, a leading social media intelligence company that brings social insights to global brands.

Guillaume co-founded and developed into a prominent Marketing Tech company until its acquisition by Linkfluence in 2018. Following its public launch in November 2011, has been ranked by among the Top 50 MarTech companies in the world.

Guillaume's first company, Musiwave, was acquired for $120 million in 2006 - one of the top European tech startup exits that year. It is now a Microsoft company. Guillaume also launched Goojet in 2008 - a social widget platform for mobile which topped 1m downloads.

Originally from France, Guillaume received a Master of Science in Engineering from Stanford University. He now lives in San Francisco where he likes to surf, ski and sing in "The Frogs" - the rock band he started with some of his tech entrepreneurs friends.

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