Influencer Marketing in China: 
How to find the right match and maximize your ROI using social data

Hannah Shi, APAC Marketing Manager
Amber Zhao, Lead Researcher

Make better business decisions with social listening

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Anytime and anywhere

Learn how to find valuable influencers for your campaigns in China and measure performance of brand ambassadors using social data.

plan the perfect strategy for 2019

Marketers need to consider the uniqueness of China's social platforms when planning an influencer marketing campaign. Learn how to tailor an effective action plan for the coming year by listening to your customers, market, and industry.

choose the most relevant partner

To get the most out of your influencer marketing efforts, you need to choose the right partners. Learn how to build influencer personas, map the influencer landscape, and cherrypick the best to help you grow your brand.

do what the best brands do

The best brands in the world are constantly testing new strategies and processes to reach new audiences with influencers. Learn from real-life examples of leading brands so you can do the same.

About the speakers

Hannah Shi
APAC Marketing Manager, Linkfluence

As the APAC Marketing Manager, Hannah directs all phases of both creative and technical elements of marketing initiatives including content planning, event management, social media management, as well as SEO and lead generation.

With 5 years experience in B2B marketing, Hannah is passionate about data analysis and building relationships with the right people and companies.


Amber Zhao
Lead Researcher, Linkfluence

Amber Zhao is Lead Research at Linkfluence. With 5 years of experience in marketing research, she has a solid background from quantitative research and psychological statistics.

Amber has worked closely with big companies, and she has rich knowledge in Food & Beverage, Formula Milk, Beauty and Luxury industries. She understands your marketing research needs better. 

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