Is the Korean "everyday life quarantine" shaping the new global trends? 

June, 18th 2020
Jérôme Chalansonnet, APAC Client Director, Linkfluence
Emmanuel Alavoine, President, Luxury Business Institute Korea

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Whilst consumers in the West continue to adjust to their new normal and the way of life enforced by the pandemic, Koreans have been able to prepare for what's to come. Their resilience, creativity and ability to adapt fast mean that the country is the origin of a number of new consumer trends which are likely to cross borders and impact other markets.

From the Dalgona coffee to food supplements? How Koreans reshaped their relation with the food ?

Is lipstick still important in the post-Covid reality? How can beauty brands ensure consumers feel safe using their face products?

How Korean consumers are transforming the concept of OOTD under the everyday life quarantine? How brands can leverage on the new daily outfits of Koreans?

About the speakers

Jérôme chalansonnet
APAC Client Director @Linkfluence

Jérôme Chalansonnet is Linkfluence Client Director for the APAC region. He settled in Seoul in 2013. Jérôme supports global brands based in APAC and empowers them to turn structured social data into actionable consumer insights, combining AI-powered social listening with human expertise.

In 2015, he completed the EU ETP Korea programme at SOAS university in London and Yonsei university in Seoul, which allowed him to further develop his understanding of the specifics of Korea’s business culture and the local marketing culture.

With a deep understanding of the Korean culture, and Korean consumers, Jérôme has served global clients with intelligence market research, market insights and consumer behavior analysis about Korea for years.

Emmanuel Alavoine
President @Luxury Business Institute Korea

Emmanuel is President of Luxury Business Institute Korea for world class Consulting, Talent Acquisition, Digital Marketing, Training solutions, designed for Luxury Brands (Bluebell Korea-LVMH-Kering-Richemont-Samsung-Hyundai Genesis – Mondrian – Shilla - Four Seasons).

He started his career in L’Oreal Group, in Hong Kong, then in Paris, where he held various executives position in Finance and Supply Chain, for 10 years. In 2000, he joined Chanel group, and returned to Hong Kong in 2007 as Bourjois Asia Pacific President, to expand the brand within 10 new APAC countries, including the opening of China Market in 2009.

By 2015, when Bourjois Paris brand was acquired, he started his own consulting and distribution projects with various companies he set up in Hong Kong and Shanghai.

As a close partner of Luxury Business Institute since 2009, he joined LBI Korea as President and moved to Seoul in September 2018, to drive the company and share his passion, experiences and knowledge through state-of-the-art Training & Consulting services.