Create a Tribe of Consumers: Hands-on Session with a Social Expert 


In our AI-Enabled Consumer Intelligence Masterclass, Senior Product Specialist, Louise Henderson will walk you through how to uncover actionable insights from your social intelligence platform, specifically how to build and analyze tribes of online consumers.


Even if you don’t use Linkfluence, this masterclass will be useful for everyone seeking to deepen their knowledge on finding consumer insights in a social intelligence tool.

Louise Henderson

Senior Product Specialist @ Linkfluence, a Meltwater Company

Louise's goal is to support marketing professionals in global brands to successfully navigate social data through Radarly — Linkfluence's consumer intelligence platform— and to distill the key insights they need going forward. 

Her everyday routine is a mix of w
orking in understanding analysis and reporting objectives, and helping to integrate social intelligence into an organization’s overall marketing framework. 

So far, she has helped global brands improve their social intelligence program in the FMCG, Wine & Spirits, Beauty, Automotive and Luxury industries.