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Dad Shoes: How Luxury Brands Started a Sportswear Trend


The line between streetwear and high end fashion is becoming increasingly blurred. The choice of Virgil Abloh as Artistic Director of Menswear at Louis Vuitton is just one recent example of urban culture’s impact on luxury clothing.


High-end luxury labels are now making bulky sneakers, similar to classic shoes from the ‘70s through ‘90s. These have become known as “dad shoes,” and they sell for hundreds of dollars each. This report looks at this trend in-depth. 


Access real-time consumer data how leading luxury brands started a new sportswear trend among dads

Streetwear versus high fashion

How does streetwear fare against high-end fashion in online discussions? Which has the larger share of voice?
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Mixed sentiments and opinions

What are consumers saying about Dad Shoes? What are the factors that drive its popularity or controversy? 
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The most discussed brands and items

Which luxury fashion brands lead the Dad Shoes discussions online? Which models are consumers raving about or hating on?
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Premium Insights Report


Dad shoes: a controversial luxury fashion trend analyzed and demystified


This report looks at this trend in-depth. It answers questions including: How do streetwear & fashion co-exist on the social web? What is the most talked about streetwear item online? Who are the most important influencers in the streetwear field?