Premium Insights Report

New and Emerging Trends in eCommerce 



The pandemic-fueled ecommerce surge changed consumer behavior. What do online shoppers now expect from brands and how have they reevaluated the way they buy and consume online?


In this new insights report, our team of social analysts dive deep into these new consumer behaviors and outline what it will take to retain customers after the pandemic. 


The most important post-pandemic consumer trends at your fingertips.

Hack into consumer's online behaviors

Through the lens of the Food and Beverage, Alcoholic Beverage, and Automotive industries, dive deep into general industry trends common to all consumers and understand what new habits and behaviors are emerging online. 


Analyze key trends along the purchase journey

Answer your burning questions about what consumers currently lack in existing products and services and explore what consumers care about at each stage of the purchase journey.


Discover consumer tribes driving conversations

Understand the tribes and groups of consumers that are driving ecommerce trends in the Food and Beverage, Alcoholic Beverage, and Automotive industries. We map the top digital tribes with practical lessons and tips on how to reach them. 


Premium insights report


Consumer discussions increased by an average +109%


Online shopping in the Food and Beverage, Alcohol, and Automotive industries experienced an average evolution increase of +109% since 2020. Is your brand prepared for what comes next?