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The Future of E-Mobility



What is the future of e-mobility and how have consumer conversations online shaped brands e-mobility?


In this report, our researchers provide an analysis of the top automotive electric brands, a breakdown of the top digital tribes that are driving conversations around e-mobility, and an in depth view of the largest trends shaping e-mobility among consumers.


The most important e-mobility consumers and conversations at your fingertips.

Discover the top performing auto brands in e-mobility

Analyze the top performing automotive brands for electric vehicles and understand how perceptions of electric vehicles have changed over time among consumers.

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Analyze key trends and conversations around e-mobility

Identify the the biggest trends and largest conversations around e-mobility to influence your brand's marketing strategy.

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Discover consumer tribes driving conversations

Understand the tribes and groups of consumers that are driving conversations around electric vehicles. We map the top digital tribes with practical lessons and tips on how to reach them. 

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Premium insights report


 Conversations on e-mobility accounted for 4.41m social media posts reaching 27.6b users worldwide


In the last 12 months, conversations on electric mobility accounted for 4.41m social media posts and other publications on the English-speaking social web and have reached 27.6b users worldwide over this period. Does your brand know what e-mobility consumers are talking about?