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The New Age of E-Sports



What is driving the growth of e-sports gaming among consumers? 


In this insights report, get a breakdown of the top performing brands within the e-sports space, a map of the most popular digital tribes driving conversations around e-sports, and in depth recommendations on how brands can win in the gaming universe. 


The brands, tribes, and trends defining new opportunities in e-sports.

Understand the drivers for e-sports growth among consumers

Hack into what has been driving consumers toward e-sports and understand where these conversations are happening online.

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Discover the groups of consumers defining the future of e-sports

Living fantasists, gaming culture maniacs, slow lifers... who are the groups of e-sports consumers and what are their habits, concerns and expectations.

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Hack into winning strategies to reach e-sports consumers

10 tactics and 10 examples for brands to tap into the growth of gaming and to build fresh rapport with e-sports consumers.

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Premium insights report


The topic of gaming represents a volume of 8m posts with 5.2m for the US, 344k for UK markets and 1.66m for China.


Few industries have experienced the explosive growth of the gaming industry in the last 10 years. While long perceived to be the domain of children young and old, the combination of mobile accessibility, fast data, highly acclaimed content, and maturity of esports has accelerated the industry. Download the report to see these trends in action.