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What Millennials Eat: How Social Data Pushes Innovation


Consumer choices emerge from and are shaped by social media. Buyers discover new products and brands, share feedback, and encourage others to purchase. No group does this more than Millennials. 


This report looks at the way that Millennials talk about food online. What motivates them to buy, their sentiment towards certain foods, and what they want to see more of in the market


Access real-time consumer data on how and what millennial groups eat.

Millennials set the trends among consumers

Those generations which are most active on social media have a significant influence over trends in food, beverages, and more. Who is at the top of the pile? Millennials.

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Tailor your marketing to specific markets

Between the United States and France, millennials are focused on convenience, healthy living, sustainability, and transparency. So, how should you tailor your products and marketing?

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From social data to product design

Brands and manufacturers have adjusted their ranges and products to match Millennial expectations. Find out how in our comprehensive report.

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Premium Insights Report


Identify the key tastes of today's generation to design the products of tomorrow


Drive your product innovation by understanding the tastes and preferences of this key generation. This analysis helps to highlight the value that social media data can have for brands who wish to appeal to specific market segments with the right message.