Buyers Guide: AI Enabled Consumer Insights Platforms

Are you thinking of buying an AICI platform, or even just wondering whether they’re right for your business? We know that it’s a complicated decision and that it’s not always easy to understand the difference between AICI and conventional social listening products.


This impartial buyer’s guide clearly explains what AI Enabled Consumer Insights platforms offer, and what questions you should ask any vendor to make sure you choose the best for your business.


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How AICI is Disrupting Social Listening

New technologies and ideas enable us to do more with social data, and to uncover high-impact insights that can really make a difference to your business. AICI is much more sophisticated than conventional social listening, and this guide clearly explains how things have improved and what that means for brands.


Why Structured Data Matters

Social listening tools give you raw, unstructured social data and leave you to interpret what it all means. AICI uses artificial intelligence to structure and categorize the data, and is much more effective at removing spam and junk content, which means it’s a lot easier to find answers that will help your business make better informed decisions.


AI is the Game-Changer

Lots of technology vendors talk about artificial intelligence, but what does it really mean? How can you tell the difference between truly game-changing technology and smoke and mirrors? This guide explains the role AI plays in AICI, what benefits it brings, and what questions you should ask any vendor who claims to use AI in their platform.

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Buyers Guide: AI Enabled Consumer Insights Platforms


If you’re just starting to investigate AICI as a potential solution for your consumer intelligence requirements, this eBook is for you. The guide talks through all of the features and technologies that are available, and outlines all of the important points you should discuss with any vendor.