eBook: Up-Level Your Audience Segmentation

Segmented campaigns, that are personalized, relevant, and highly targeted, consistently outperform unsegmented marketing activity. 


The more accurately you can segment your audiences, the more effective your campaigns will be. That's why it's time to move on from basic demographic data and up-level your audience segmentation with AI. 


By analyzing social data with AI, it's now possible to build sophisticated profiles of digital Tribes that are united by shared values, attitudes, behaviors, and more. This gives marketers a much more detailed and nuanced understanding of their audiences than demographic data can provide.


Download this eBook now to learn how AI Enabled Consumer Intelligence is reinventing audience segmentation. 

From Surface Demographics to Deeper Understanding

As they participate in social and digital media, consumers naturally form tribes of like-minded people. They have similar interests and motivations, and they're drawn to similar brands, media and influencers.


These online tribes have far more in common than people who are grouped together based on their age bracket, education level, or any other demographic indicators. 

Illustration of an analyst performing audience segmentation

Speak Your Audience's Language

By gaining a deeper understanding of the digital tribes that are important to your business, you'll also discover the way they discuss the topics that matter to them. 


This empowers you to engage your audience authentically, using the same language as the rest of their tribe.


Rather than jumping on a bandwagon trend in a weak effort to share in a trendy conversation, brands can integrate themselves organically by participating in shared interests and behaviors.

Illustration of consumer segments in social media

Audience Segmentation, but Better

By arming you with a sophisticated profile of your audience, this new breed of audience segmentation adds actionable intelligence across a wide range of marketing use cases: 

  • Strategic Planning
  • Content Strategy
  • Marketing Innovation
  • Influencer Strategy

This eBook drills into each of these areas, explaining the benefits for your business. 

Illustration of consumer audience segmentation

eBook: Up-Level Your Audience Segmentation


If you're ready to move on from the limitations of demography driven audience segmentation and explore the powerful possibilities of digital tribes, download this eBook today to get a concise explanation of how AI enables this new approach and what it can do for your brand.