QSR Customer Experience Trends [Report]


The Quick Service Restaurants industry is facing pressure to offer the convenience, speed, and reliability required by customers. Where should QSRs focus their energy, money, and resources? And what kinds of pitfalls should they watch out for along the way? 


This report gathers insightful data on Western and Chinese customers to help QSRs better identify, cater to, and predict their customers’ needs. 


Download our 2022 report to learn what shapes consumers’ experience with QSR! 

Deep Insights into QSR Customer Experience

Using a combination of social data, AI, and rigorous market research expertise, this report answers key questions on consumer attitudes towards Quick Service Restaurants, including: 


  • What motivates a customer to write a review? 
  • Which factors are more important in driving their experience?
  • What are the opportunities for QSRs to improve their service? 
QSR report

What are the key drivers of customer satisfaction? 


Our report explores the three pillars shaping the customers’ experiences with QSRs: service, restaurant environment, and product.