Putting customers first in innovation: Social Listening Insights from Danone

Although social listening has been around for some time now, there are still plenty of skeptics who struggle to see real business impact of the new analytic tools and methodologies.

In this talk, Linkfluence CEO, Guillaume Decugis, and Elaine Rodrigo, Chief Strategy & Insights Officer at Danone, examine Danone's use of AI technology to predict the future of ingredients, and how it allows Danone to go further than basic social listening.

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Download the session to learn about:

Turning Social Data Into Insights

Access social insights and trends before they become mainstream. Fuel your marketing campaigns with social data born from your audience's emerging desires and motivations.

Predict Trends

How brands can leverage predictions to inform product innovation, identify tomorrow's star ingredients, and become trendsetters.

AI Driven Prediction Process

Learn how AI-driven predictive technology goes further than basic social listening.