LINKFLUENCE @ Social Media Week NYC 19:

Making the Leap from Listening to Insight: What AI Won’t Tell You

The social listening industry was pioneered by geeks, not marketers. As a result, many brands still use metrics invented by software companies rather than those that matter to brand and product owners. Often, the over-promise of artificial intelligence has entrenched these legacy metrics, making it challenging for brands take integrated social data in a straight-forward yet transformational way.

In this talk, we’ll discuss what’s new in social listening, the importance of combining AI with human expertise, how to align social insights with marketing intelligence fundamentals, and the importance of social intelligence for mapping your organization’s digital transformation agenda.


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Download the session to learn about:

Social Listening in 2019

An outline of the social intelligence maturity model. Why brands who aren't embracing digital transformation will suffer in the coming years and the role of of A.I.

Turn data into insight

How brands move from social data to consumer insight. Go past monitoring social with vanity metrics to unearthing insights that lead to results.

Brand Mapping

A look at examples for equity tracking, trends, tribes, and influence. How to find consumer perceptions and demographics that matter to your brand.