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Automotive Social Brand Tracker:
What does social media tell us about the US automotive market?


  • Key drivers for the Automotive industry: 
    Innovation, functionality, performance are a number of the conversation drivers on social media. Identify new equity drivers and positioning opportunities to leverage and see how your brand performs on industry drivers.
  • The American Dream:

Muscle cars and vehicles emblematic of the 60s/70s live on along with vehicles that provide family friendly, safe, affordable options. But, there's a new paradigm emerging...

  • Brand equity of Automotive brands: 

We explore brand equity through industry drivers of the biggest automotive brands in the world. How does the US market operate in terms of brand awareness and what country takes an equal share in visibility?


Gareth Owens

MD @Linkfluence UK


Gareth Owens has over 15 year's experience working in the UK and US in social media monitoring, analytics and insights. 
He enjoys bringing both consultancy, practical expertise and a creative approach to the social media challenges faced by organisations of all sizes. 

Joei Chan

Head of Content @Linkfluence

Joei leads the global content marketing strategy at Linkfluence. Essentially, she handles everything from content planning, to branding, to lead generation, and product marketing. With 5 years of experience in the digital marketing and social listening space, Joei is passionate about discovering new approaches to better understand and leverage the customer voice in all areas of business.  

You can find her work on Business2Community, SocialMediaToday, Convince&Convert blog, HubSpot blog, among other marketing publications and blogs. 

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