On-Demand Webinar

COVID-19 & Consumers #1



Confinement unleashing creativity:
Food, Beauty, Fashion


Confinement includes constraints. Consumers are answering with creativity to this unprecedented situation. What are the leading trends guiding this new creative process?


  • From #quarantinekitchen to virtual drinks, what are the major observed trends for the fmcg/f&b industries?

  • How do consumers take care of themselves during quarantine? What are the opportunities to tackle for Beauty brands?

  • Fashion masks, DIY, and sportswear, how can sports/fashion brands leverage their consumers' creativity?

Guilhem Fouetillou

Co-founder, Chief Evangelist Officer @Linkfluence


Guilhem Fouetillou is co-founder & chief evangelist officer at Linkfluence, a company that empowers global brands to turn structured social data into actionable consumer insights, combining AI-powered social listening with human expertise.  

Guilhem is a pioneer in the study and analysis of the social web; and his expertise on these subjects led him to become an associate professor at Sciences Po Paris, where he teaches on social media, their evolution and global.

He is regularly interviewed by the media as an expert on these subjects and intervenes as a speaker at numerous conferences in France and abroad.


Anna Kouznetsova

Research Manager @Linkfluence

Anna Kouznetsova is Research manager at Linkfluence. With nearly 5 years of experience in the Research Department, she has developed expertise in the Beauty & Luxury, Food & Beverage and Automotive sectors. Prior to joining Linkfluence she edited several books on Design, Travel & Hospitality for the Berlin based publisher Gestalten.

Anna K

Audrey Guilloux

Senior Analyst @Linkfluence

Audrey Guilloux is senior data analyst at Linkfluence, with an expertise in Beauty and Wellness topics. Microtrends junkie, she loves chasing weak signals that may reshape the future of brands, and make sense of it. But what motivates her the most is making undiscovered and unrepresented consumers ‘voices standing out of the crowd into her narrative.


Sarah Laurier

Senior Analyst @Linkfluence


Sarah Laurier is Senior Insight Analyst at Linkfluence. Through all the projects she has been involved in, she has developed expertise in the Fashion and Beauty industries. On a daily basis, she helps global insight team to track new trendy actors and new consumer attitudes toward fashion. Prior to joining Linkfluence, she has worked for a sportswear leader in the US, and luxury brands in Paris