On-Demand Webinar

COVID-19 & Consumers #2



Confinement unleashing creativity: Entertainment

Confinement includes constraints. Consumers are answering with creativity to this unprecedented situation. What are the leading trends guiding this new creative process?

  • Now that even lifestyle influencers are active on Twitch, who are those new audiences that joined the Gaming movement?

  • Sports tournaments turned "e-...", museum tours, concerts... Are the last "new gamers" exclusively looking for a way to play?

  • Toys are here to entertain children and support parent's educational project. What if they could also entertain adults?

Guilhem Fouetillou

Co-founder, Chief Evangelist Officer @Linkfluence

Guilhem Fouetillou is co-founder & chief evangelist officer at Linkfluence, a company that empowers global brands to turn structured social data into actionable consumer insights, combining AI-powered social listening with human expertise.  

Guilhem is a pioneer in the study and analysis of the social web; and his expertise on these subjects led him to become an associate professor at Sciences Po Paris, where he teaches on social media, their evolution and global.

He is regularly interviewed by the media as an expert on these subjects and intervenes as a speaker at numerous conferences in France and abroad.


Yutong Nong

Senior Social Data Analyst @Linkfluence

Yutong Nong is Senior Data Analyst at Linkfluence. She works intensively on projects in Fashion, Beauty, Gaming, with a special focus on China. She especially enjoys uncovering insights and opportunities underlying online discourses through the lens of sociology.