On-Demand Webinar

Fashion Trends Post Lockdown



  • What are the main shifts that will shape the post-pandemic era of fashion?

  • How do consumers resonate with new formats of retail and presentation?

  • What are the main drivers of conversation among fashion savvy users? 



Anna Kouznetsova

Consumer Insights & Brand Strategist  @Linkfluence


A multi-disciplinary thinker, Anna has a rich background in humanities as well as social sciences. She studied media, design and cultural studies in Vienna and Amsterdam (UvA) and graduated from the School of Communication at Sciences Po in Paris. She is fluent in four languages (English, German, Russian & French).
Now a Senior Research Manager with 5 years of experience at Linkfluence, she developed a strong expertise in the Fashion & Luxury industry and has worked for clients such as Chanel, LVMH, Coty & Kering. Prior to joining the company, she edited several books on Design, Travel & Hospitality for the Berlin-based publisher Gestalten.


Wenqi Wang

Social Data Analyst @Linkfluence

Wenqi leverages his academic background at EMLyon Business School with international angles, well-parsing consumers’ behaviour and industry trends.
Enthusiastic about the digital territory of Fashion & Luxury, he jumped into E-marketing development with Accor China and deepened his expertise within the retail branch with Acne Studio in Paris.
To embody his passion and vision, he began his adventure at Linkfluence last year as an intern, working within Fashion & Beauty projects. Today, as an analyst, he supports clients to harvest impactful insights in this ever-evolving digital arena.


Yugo Kawashima

Senior Data Analyst - Luxury & Fashion @Linkfluence


Yugo has a solid background in economics (Keio University) and business management (HEC Paris) which nurtured his analytical thinking skills to understand consumer behaviour. Raised in an international environment, he is fluent in French, English, and Japanese.
Driven by a passion for luxury and wellness, he has gained his first professional experience with these sectors in marketing, communication and PR in Tokyo.  
He joined Linkfluence’s head office as a luxury-specialized Analyst to support the global insight team close to two years ago and is now a Senior Analyst. He has since then been exposed to many research topics including social brand trackers for many industry clients such as Chanel, LVMH, Kering, L’Oréal and Puig.