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The Power of Social Media in Spreading Social Movements: 
5 Lessons from Veganism's growth online

Joei Chan, Head of Content
James Waite, UK Marketing Manager

Learn what builds a social movement

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Learn how social movements spread on social media and what it means for brands

Targeted community

Veganism favors young people - any movement popular among young people is going to feature heavily on social media. 88% of Americans aged 18-29 use some form of social media.

visual content

Food holds a special place on social media. Users simply love to document, photograph, and share their eating habits with the world. The rise of veganism comes down to its Instagram-friendly appearance.

Social Influencers

Veganism is still not the norm, and people have misconceptions. Social media is full of healthy, fit influencers giving advice to those who need it, to bust myths and share their “secrets.”

About the speakers

Joei Chan
Head of Content, Linkfluence

Joei leads the global content marketing strategy at Linkfluence. Essentially, she handles everything from content planning, to branding, to lead generation, and product marketing. With 5 years of experience in the digital marketing and social listening space, Joei is passionate about discovering new approaches to better understand and leverage the customer voice in all areas of business.  

You can find her work on Business2Community, SocialMediaToday, Convince&Convert blog, HubSpot blog, among other marketing publications and blogs. 

James Waite
UK Marketing Manager, Linkfluence

As the UK Marketing Manager, James oversees the full marketing mix for the region. From content planning, event management, SEO to social media management and everything in between, no two days are ever the same. 
With 6 years’ experience, predominantly on the digital side, James’ passion lies in data analysis and understanding consumer behaviour by utilising the latest technology on the market. 



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