Social Listening Data Coverage: What We Track at Linkfluence

Learn the specifics of Linkfluence data coverage on each social media platform, from Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter, through to platforms unique to the Chinese and Asian markets.


Turn social data to valuable insights

Your privacy is important to us and your information will be kept confidential.

All you need to know about Linkfluence's social data

Most comprehensive coverage

Our enhanced partnerships with all major social media networks ensure that we provide the best-in-class data access in the market, via keyword-based, location-based, and corpus-based listening methods. 

Enriched with AI and Data Science

From using geolocation to find target audiences to developing customized algorithms to structure data for your specific goals, we put AI and data science to work to provide you with more relevant insights.

Built for Social intelligence

With data science and our AI-enriched data coverage, we're moving away from reactive social monitoring to social intelligence maturity, helping you proactively anticipate customer needs and preferences.