Marketing to Gen Z and Millenials: How To Connect With Young consumers Beyond Simple Demographics


Millennials. They’re the generation that every brand wants to reach - but what do millennials actually care about, and how can you break through to them? In this session, Anna Dorywalska, COO of Linkfluence, shares real-life examples of how global brands stay connected to young buyers with social data.

She demonstrates how - through leveraging A.I. and human analysis - businesses can identify and analyze online communities to better understand young buyers beyond stereotypes and assumptions, and thus improve their product and marketing strategy. 


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Hit the right notes

How to stay relevant and authentic to your brand whilst also engaging with your target demographic.

Campaign Examples

Real life examples of the ways to engage with younger audiences by utilising social data to fully understand what makes your audience tick.

What Matters

A look at what issues and trends matter to younger audiences and how these ideas shape online conversations and brand marketing.